My body is not ruined.

My body is not ruined.

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As fall approaches, and Charlotte gets closer to her first birthday (just 4 more months!) I am getting more and more frustrated by my body. I still look pregnant. People still ask me if I am pregnant. My legs are thin again, my arms are on their way… my stomach is huge. What the heck?! I look at myself in the mirror and I think destructive thoughts like “my body is ruined.”

But it isn’t! From now on I am going to be kind to my body because my body is awesome. I successfully carried two (count them – 2) babies over 11 pounds back to back in this awesome body. I nursed my son while pregnant with my daughter in this body. I delivered both of my enormous children naturally with this body. This body is a safe haven. This body is nourishment. This body totally rocks.

So, I think I can handle the stretch marks that go from eyebrows to 7 inches into the ground of wherever I stand, and the stomach whose muscle walls are torn and need time to repair, and even the dreaded “are you pregnant?” from strangers and acquaintances alike. It’s ok, I’ll be fine. This isn’t cancer or some other terrible disease that really does try to ruin the body. This is leftovers. And I can handle it.

*p.s. In case you were wondering, no I’m not pregnant.


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  1. You rock chica!!

    I had a friend once say, “Stretch marks are proof you are a miracle worker. You brought life into the world”.

    I don’t think a woman’s body is ever the same after giving birth. It took me a while to appreciate the changes but I too love my body. We’re healthy and happy and that is what counts!

  2. This is the right attitude! So much of the problem is our own destructive self talk. I think you would love this book I’m reading, “Made to Crave”.

  3. Seriously, your body rocks (Matt’s body)…

    Too much?

    : )

    You are a beauty. And your legs are ten miles long. And your babies are giants. Your body will never be anything but impressive.

  4. I’m a little late in the game, but I love this post. I’m guilty of body bashing as well, but recently I started thinking differently, a lot like you in your post. From stretch marks to gallbladder and infertility scars, I’ve got my fair share. I allowed doctors to cut me open to help with infertility issues, I later grew 2 PEOPLE. My scars are a reminder of how hard we fought to have our daughter and remind me that I can get through pretty much anything. In fact, I stopped calling them scars a long time ago and started calling them battle wounds. =)
    Btw, I think your body is pretty fantastic too. We are awesome! =)

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