You are beautiful

You are beautiful

I can’t say this enough. Girls, teenagers, young women, old ladies… YOU. You are beautiful. Maybe some of you don’t believe that God designed you, that He formed you, thought of you, breathed life into you, but I do. The creator of every flower and perfect snowflake and strong sturdy oak made you and He made you well.

Beauty magazines didn’t form you, in fact, they never formed anyone except through photo shop when they removed “imperfections” from models who are already starved and deprived of robust life.

Men didn’t form you, men formed addictions to the things that we pretend that we agree are beautiful. Men will believe what we tell them is beautiful. And we, ladies, we are beautiful. We are perfect.

We were made to be strong, to be slim, to be curvy, to be soft, to be muscled, to be whatever you are. There is no one mold for beautiful. If you believe that than I strongly urge you to examine the television shows you watch, the magazines that you read, the people who you surround yourselves with. If the company you keep feels negatively about your beauty than weed that company out of your life. Be around women whose beauty shines from within them.

Be proud when you form smile lines, because they are a sign of a happy life. Be proud of your stretch marks, mama, you carried human LIFE in you. Be proud of your curves, ladies, of your softness. Think of the loved ones who have received comfort from it. Be proud of your muscles, ladies, it’s not unfeminine to have them! You are strong, we are proud.

Your weight does not define you. You do not have to wear make up to be presentable. It’s okay to hate high heels, or to love them. Your hair is just hair. You don’t have to straighten it, curl it, put it up or wear it down to be a worthwhile member of the world.

We are beautiful. Not hot, or sexy, or good-looking…. you understand that what I am saying goes beyond your appearance, right? That no one has the right to label you based on that, don’t you?

Please, be proud to be a woman.



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  1. “If the company you keep feels negatively about your beauty than weed that company out of your life. Be around women whose beauty shines from within them.” – incredible advice 🙂

    This blog is just wonderful and so inspirational. Love it, thank you for sharing your beauty with us 🙂

  2. Much thanks, Meghan, for these wise and timely words. I pray that they sink deep into the hearts of every woman, most definitely including myself. You are such a joy!

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